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Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools: Must-have download

Download the Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools from here. This is a must-have extension for VS2010. The default tabbing behavior in VS 2010 is shite suboptimal, as it was in 2008. And in 2005. (can’t remember, but probably: and in 2003. And in 2002). And the registry hack for 2005/2008 doesn’t work in 2010 (google “visual studio tab ears steam” if you still use 2008 or 2005. My condolences). And this fixes it a bit.

It also fixes the Add Reference dialog (broken ever since it existed), but I don’t know whether I like that. Would probably be too good to be true …


Now, please Microsoft build a Marketing/Product Management Power Tool which gets rid of these ridiculously looooooooooooooooong product names. Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition General Distribution Release, anyone?

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